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Video Slider Support – the new Radical SSM

The Radical SSM is a 3-in-1 Video Slider Support. Its a Slider, a Shoulder Support and a Mini Stick all in one.

Manufactured from aluminium, the black anodised video track is both strong and lightweight. The wheels grip and fit inside a groove, using good quality, tried and tested bearings the slide is very smooth.

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Radical Video Slider Support SSM1



Use the Radical SSM to create smooth movement across landscapes or products to produce a professional glide for your video production. Connect your tripod or GorillaPod® to the tripod block for support. Click to ORDER here

Radical Video Slider Support SSM1



Move your device to the end and tighten the wheel nut, connect a GorillaPod® in the tripod block and use this to hold and direct your shot. Rest the end of the track on your shoulder. The Radical SSM will give you professional steady shots. Click to ORDER here

Radical Video Slider Support SSM1



To give your images a different perspective raise the Radical SSM higher to look down on your subject. By varying the height and angling shots you produce more interesting results. You can even use it as a selfie stick. Click to ORDER here

The Radical SSM is ideal for your Smartphone, ActionCam or 360 camera. The SSM will produce a smooth slide and is manufactured from aluminium, the black anodised coating preventing reflections on your shots.



Small Size; 450mm x 20mm x 20mm track   Lightweight; 400g

Platform; 1/4” Whitworth standard – fit a ball & socket, tripod head or phone holder.

Suitable for; your Smartphone, ActionCam or 360 camera – iPhone® GoPro® Theta®

Unique; The tripod block can be moved anywhere along the length of the track. 3/8” thread with 1/4” reducer.

Note: Make sure all connectors, block, ball heads and grips are secure before you use the Radical SSM.

In the Box: 1 x 450mm Black anodised track, Camera Plate fitted with Wheels and Bearings and Tripod Block.

For your £10.00 OFF COUPON enter; SSM1 on checkout! Click to ORDER here

Radical Video Slider – Features

The Radical Video Slider has now evolved.

After researching and testing with professional image makers, by developing their ideas we have created the Radical Video Slider.


Contact us for further information Tel: 0161 850 3590 Email: info@amcphotovideo.com

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Radical Video Slider shoot by Brian Spranklen

Brian Spranklen is a professional advertising photographer and director of production for Shooting Gallery Films. He formed the company with Paul Kelly with the concept of marrying high quality cinematic imagery into the world of viral video.

SGF bought one of the first Radical Video Sliders for the Canon C300 and are very pleased with the results. This video clip taken from their gallery shows the extra dimension the slider offers;

“AMC have built a slider that is smoother than other products we have tested. We like the build quality, the aluminium track is wider and stronger which enables us to shoot with any DSLR but also the Canon C300, Blackmagic cameras and other systems” said Brian.

“Ordering unknown brands off the internet and paying £200 or £300 is well and good, we did that in the past and they failed. We chose the Radical video slider as it is built in Britain (service and spares won’t be an issue), there is an option to upgrade to a motorised system (coming very soon) we like future proofing! Also the people at AMC have been in the imaging business over 30 years so they know what is required.”

Thanks for the review Brian. We are pleased that the Radical slider is what you expected and that the quality outweighs the cost.

For those that have purchased the manual Radical video slider there will be a upgrade  to a motorised version for 1m or 1.5m tracks.

At the moment we are finalising the speeds of the motorised version with several video companies, as soon as we have a final version it will be published here. If you subscribe you’ll get the information first.